Saturday, April 12, 2014

Truth More than Life

Die before breaking with conscience? Could I stand so firm? Jesus instructed his disciples not to worry about what they would say, but to be assured that the Spirit would give them the words when they stood accused before rulers. History gives us a good number of men and women who so trusted their Lord and kept the faith even when it cost the life if he flesh.

Where did this train of thought come from? Last night I watched the movie "A Man for All Seasons" about Sir Thomas Moore who would not bend to King Henry VIII, though he loved him, because he loved truth more than life. I found the story compelling, the acting believable, and the setting beautiful though simple.

Sometime I'd like to skim through again to note the wise words of Sir  Thomas Moore's excellent speeches in this film. I truly regret not having one ready to insert here! What I can tell you is that his life as portrayed leads me to reflection. Moore answered Cromwell's plea to add his name to those who approved the parliamentary act to the effect of, "If I join you now for fellowship's sake, when I am called to judgement and sent to hell, will you join me for fellowship's sake?"

A Man For All Seasons is an enjoyable, thought-provoking movie. How far would I be willing to go for the sake of truth and right? By the Grace of God, I hope I would cling to Him more than to bodily safety, able to believe as Sir Thomas Moore comforted his executioner, "Fear not, for you send me to God."

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