Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Come Sit With Me

Sometimes it's the simpler truths that resonate most strongly within us.

Tonight's class for married couples seemed like it was very simple, and my part was especially short, but generated the most comments. Seems that as woman we benefit greatly from understanding what our men need from us but haven't expressed in so many words. "Come sit with me." And all we find is silence, bewildering our feminine mind. But if we can beat the urge to go off to start the laundry and dishwasher, we might discover how our presence energizes our husband. Eventually, he just may open up his deepest feelings to us.

Reminds me of Jesus. Mary sat at his feet. Will I? From the Psalms we learn that God reveals his secrets to those who fear him, and to them he shows his covenant. (25:14) Once again, marriage teaches us to know God. Just like my husband likes me to simply be with him, it turns out that God likes my company even when I don't talk. "Come sit with me."

Yes, honey, can I get you something to drink?

Yes, Jesus, I'll do like Mary and choose the better part.

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