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I live in Torreon, Mexico since December 2008. I'm an avid reader and knitter, enjoy sewing, and have gotten my share of compliments on my cooking. My husband Chuy and I love challenging each other to a game of Scrabble and my daughters enjoy me reading aloud to them (well, two out of three, do).

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

        One pretty spot, please!
So many parts of my home are piled up (we'll not discuss that today) or in disorder or disrepair, but I long for at least one pretty spot! It took making a new bookcase for the hallway and a bit of determination with a pinch of creativity to prepare this niche in my entryway.

 Just about every candle I have found a place on this unfinished shelf. In the corner you see my collection of my husband's roses that I've dried, as I will the newest bloom in the white vase. Why throw them out? They can last a long time just by turning them upside down for a few days when they lose their brightest hue and perky posture.
The roses have faded, but they still beautify and brighten my corner, warming my heart.
Do you have a pretty spot that you've fought to create?

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