Monday, May 26, 2014

How a "Cheap" Tablet Makes Me More Efficient

After dreaming of a tablet and all it would do for me, I was amazed when one was given to me in February. Even more amazing is all I get done because of this device! Actually, I'm writing today because one of my Apps reminded me to. So let me tell you how I use it in my daily life. is much more than a to-do list that gets lost, wet or eaten by the dog (or whoever is your scapegoat). Each day I get a fresh reminder for those new habits I'm working on. Washing the aprons is happening more regularly because I told it to remind ne each week. Monthly reminders keep me on top of certain cleaning chores, and now we don't (usually) miss the bi-weekly orthodontist appointment. People from church are more likely to get a phone call when I promised one. The planner feature lets me decide how much to keep for today and what to postpone for another day. Items I don't swipe as finished carry over to tomorrow, unless they are daily reminders (pretty smart for a list!).

With a Bible reading chart I have stayed on track (well, I got caught up...twice) for reading through the Bible. Checking off those chapter boxes is fun!

Making notes and lists and plans for events or stray thoughts is a snap with a notepad app and Google Keep, which looks like a bulletin board of sticky notes. Adding an image of a dress was a perfect way to show the seamstress my idea for a dress.

Morning alarms get me started on my busy day, and another ring ensures I take a supplement on time. At night an audio book that turns itself off sends me to dreamland. My journal has more entries now that it's password locked and portable.

Bible reference books are a few taps away during our weekly studies, enriching my understanding and comments. Mind mapping helps prepare a lesson, and i can teach from messages stored on Google Drive.

For school I can look up a photo of that flower or bird, practice phonics, and plan out our courses for the year. A Facebook message or email doesn't pull me away from my desk, and with a few taps I can check on the bank balance or make a payment.

To relax or even sharpen my mind I can play number, word, or card games. A little girl can be kept quiet with drawing games or educational apps during prayer meeting.

From waking up to falling asleep and everything in between, I am a more productive and efficient woman, thanks to all my tablet does for me. If this is what a "cheap" model does, I wonder what a name brand one would be like!

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