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I live in Torreon, Mexico since December 2008. I'm an avid reader and knitter, enjoy sewing, and have gotten my share of compliments on my cooking. My husband Chuy and I love challenging each other to a game of Scrabble and my daughters enjoy me reading aloud to them (well, two out of three, do).

Monday, March 31, 2014

He Touched Me

Sunday afternoon I started my class with a new lady who years ago had attended Sunday church for about a year,  but said she had never been taught what it meant to be a Christian. The Holy Spirit led me from passage to passage, focusing much on Romans 5 to share the good news with Marta. I paused frequently to define terms like redemption, justification, etc, sharing the wonder of God's love and grace towards us. Finally I sat back and said I wanted to hear from her. I didn't even ask any questions, but her response was of faith and decision. Emma, who arrived just after John 3:16, joined me in praying blessing over Marta.  When I told her to talk to her father, do you know, she prayed the "sinner's prayer" without me guiding her at all!! How I rejoiced to hear, "Lord I give you my life, my heart, my all. I put it all into your hands. Help me to know you."

Immediately she shared some things from her life, but with a faith and fluidity of words that caused her to pause and marvel, "I know that the Lord is with me and has touched me!"

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