Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Ferris Wheel Reached the Top!

As the Ferris wheel neared its highest point, my stomach did a little flip flop, and yet the thrill of the cityscape was worth all the anxiety of every revolution. Life is like that. Full of nerve-racking thrills.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel month after month for years on end and pinching pennies like a miser has been our lot, occasionally punctuated with provision for some great need. Perhaps my readers can imagine the delight that filled our hearts as we shopped this past week in Texas without the need to count every last cent. How delicious to check off so many items from my school supply list, knowing I'd gotten a great deal compared to buying in Mexico. How wonderful to be able to buy the footwear each one needed! For the first time since moving to Torreon in 2008, we made the trip and came back with more than enough for our purchases and cost of travel, as well as the rent and bills that awaited our return. Long habit of frugality kept us from unwise splurges, and we find it exciting to see how far we can stretch the remaining dollars.

I posted on facebook, "I'm trying to print everything I need to start school on Monday. Gotta set up binders, have the girls arrange their desks and supplies, etc. This is so much fun!!" My mom's reply:
my, warped you have become! printing and arranging binders is "so much fun"? you gotta be kidding.....LOL
      Yes, it is "so much fun" to finally be able to prepare for a semester having the supplies I need--a printer (thanks, Mom), ink, paper and card stock, folders, binders, curriculum, etc. Too many times I had to do without, printing only the very most important pages: I had to pay for each page at the internet cafe. While in TX, I picked up the books I ordered over the past few months, rejoicing that we're starting the year with what we need for the semester. God has indeed been good to us, answering prayers we've made, along with those of our intercessors.

And now that I told you about my latest joy, I'm going in for another dive into teacher-dom, gearing up for classes on Monday.

Have you had an exciting high on your Ferris wheel of late?

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