Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surprised by Grace

Reading a little devotional book, What is the Father Like? by W. Phillip Keller, I came across the following:

It takes time to know me. It calls for your attention, your interest, your willingness to wait for me to speak to you clearly. It requires you to come and find great delight in my company. It implies that you will begin to fulfill my wishes, obey my word to you, and trust me always to accomplish all I command.

Oh, how true I'm finding this quote to prove in my own experience. Knowing Jesus, just like any other friend takes time, but is worth all our patience. How patient has He been with me?

As I am learning to walk in His grace, I laugh to discover the energy coursing through me. A new peace has settled into my heart, as well, spilling over to my children!

What has surprised or blessed you as you come to know God more?

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