Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time-line Box From Scraps

Keeping a time-line helps students to acquire a better grasp on history. Recently I came across the idea of recording events and discoveries, people and places onto index cards. Instead of purchasing boxes with flimsy lids, I made my own out of some plywood scraps we got from the carpenter, covering them with contact paper someone gave me.
 Taped to the lid is a key to show the girls how to set up the card, plus the color code for dates from science, fine arts, Bible history and their own family history. They can add photos or drawings or more information on the reverse side.
I made the little dividers to segregate ancient history, medieval to early renaissance, late renaissance to early modern, and modern history.

My intent and hope is that the girls will decorate these boxes, and maybe even make prettier cards (or at least personalized...hmmmm...). At least the photo doesn't show the imperfections of my design, and I think the boxes are quite sturdy and will last as long as we need them to.

Do you have a photo to share of some little problem you solved out of scraps?

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