Thursday, October 18, 2012

Divine Appointment -- A Beautiful Thing

Photo by my niece, Sabrina Popa
Have you experienced divine appointments? Those unexpected meetings with someone where something made you realize it was a God-thing? Those moments where you exchange deep and significant conversation, and you know you never could have planned such a thing are just thrilling.
Today I had one.

After lunch, in spite of all the grumbling and spats among the girls, together we got the kitchen and dining room cleaned up pretty nicely. Usually they ask, "Who's coming?", but I suppose that they just assumed it was for Grandma's benefit, as she's arriving tomorrow afternoon, Lord willing. When my sister-in-law stopped by before going home from work, we welcomed her to the freshly wiped table with a cup of ice cream left over from the birthday celebration three days ago.

In the course conversation, she admitted a certain resentment, saying she just hasn't gotten over the offense. Chuy and I were able to speak into her heart, something that even just months ago she wouldn't have accepted, and, praise God, she received our words very well. I shared the ideas that forgiveness is a decision we make, not a feeling. If we wait to "feel like" forgiving, that may never happen, but if we choose to forgive, then, in time, our feelings come to match our decision. His grace comes and changes our heart. He heals us. Restores us.

My sister-in-law left with brand new thoughts, and a brighter countenance, eager to speak with her family. Oh, I so look forward to seeing the transformation of her life, and of her daughter and granddaughter, as they learn to walk in the Grace of Christ, free from the bondage of resentments that have held them far too long.  


Won't that be a beautiful thing?

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