Monday, June 6, 2011

Faithful God

      Today I'll just give a quick update to my last post giving testimony to the faithfulness of our God. He surely did provide for our needs in creative ways. We were able to give half the rent on the weekend and they gave us grace to pay the second half today, which is at this moment sitting in the cupboard. Praise God! He has also given us enough to pay for the swamp cooler* (and I know he'll take care of the missing parts next). It was so good to just lean on Him and keep reminding myself that truly He is in control and He is my loving Father.

       These past few weeks, the Lord has been filling my soul with so many good things, leading me to a renewed perspective and releasing me from subtle lies I'd bought into. I hope to soon share more of this, but at this point, while it's making a difference in how I live, it isn't all crystal clear in my mind.  

       Has that ever happened to you? You know things are different, but you can't quite explain it to someone else?

        May God bless you this week, even if His hand is unseen.

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  1. ...Growing from faith to faith...

    Idn' He just so *GOOD*!