Monday, May 23, 2011

Questions Rustling my Leaves

A pensive Rebeca in her favorite outfit
Sometimes I have a lot of questions running through my head, as I imagine my readers do, too. Tonight I'm wondering about how people who count God as their direct boss should handle their money. When you have more needs and obligations than income, should you stretch every cent as far as possible? Or settle for reasonably prudent and trust that God is a faithful provider and doesn't want to see his children suffer? What is trying to be your own salvation and what is being foolish?
          I'm thankful that this week we have enough to pay the electric, water and phone bills. We'll get meat, fresh produce and milk, and tonight I picked up laundry soap and a few other essentials (under $25). But the list of things we're needing is longer than the list of what can be purchased with funds available at the time of this writing. So I thank the Lord that He has a plan, although I can't help but hope it will happen yet this week. If not, then I have to believe His Grace is sufficient to get us through.
           The hardest part of this is answering the girls. Teaching Rebeca to tell God that she needs more blouses and appropriate shoes for church meetings. Dealing with kids who want pears, peaches, and pizza, all outside current means. Avoiding outings or visiting to save gasoline.
            I keep telling Chuy (and myself) that providing "the best" doesn't usually produce thankful kids who know the value of a dollar...or a peso. That character is worth a lot more than fulfilling wishes. That learning to look to God at an early age will serve them the rest of their lives.

           It's getting close to midnight, this Sunday evening, and the squeeze on my heart seems to be squeezing out logical thought. I'm hopeful that in a few days this post will have an inspiring sequel, to the Glory of the One Who makes it all worthwhile. I pray you are blessed this week with Grace for all your challenges. Greater is He that is within, than he that is in the world.

P.S. Monday morning: Chuy went to pay the electric bill and discovered we owed  30% less than the e-mail reminder said! Praise God for an eased burden!

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