Sunday, August 18, 2013

Family Blessings

Amid so many concerns as I try to juggle all my responsibilities, it is easy to lose perspective, becoming frazzled and irritable. Does that every happen to anyone else you know? Of course, it never happens to any of my dear readers themselves...but perhaps to one of their friends. :)

One morning just when I was mulling over how to teach three girls at three different levels, my evidently maturing almost-fourteen-year-old announces that she ought to do all her reading assignments in the mornings while I assist her sisters. Imagine that!! She solved my dilemma before I breathed a word!

A few days later my dear husband pipes up with another burden-lifting suggestion. He and the older two girls will keep the kitchen cleaned up in the evenings so that I can recuperate my strength (and perhaps mental health).

Apparently, I have a good family who loves me. I must have done something right along the way! I'm happy. And I'm feeling better. I'm loved.

Counting blessings truly is a way to a better frame of mind. I'd like to hear about one of your blessings from your family.

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