Saturday, September 17, 2011

What drives you?

Today Chuy was asked, "What drives you to stay here? You have your American citizenship, you could be comfortable, why are you here?"

From his answer that he related to me a few hours later, here are 6 points:
1. Seeing a marriage restored and growing
2. Seeing young people who say, "help me in my walk with God"
3. Seeing lives healed and restored by God
4. Listening to people with their problems and then to minister to them, to pray for them and to see God transform their lives
5. Seeing people come to our home Wednesdays eager to worship the Lord and to learn more of Him and of walking with Him
6. Seeing people who didn't even know God and now they want to know him and to grow in a personal relationship with Him
These are things he says that are his motivator, his driving force, his gasoline!

I'm in full agreement with Chuy that all our struggles are worth it when we see these kinds of miracles. I begin to have a notion of why God says there is "great rejoicing" over one soul who is saved. It is downright fun to be a part of restoration, of taking territory back from the enemy. Walking with Jesus is an unparalleled adventure which I wouldn't trade for anything!
     Are you experiencing thrills on your adventure with God? I look forward to your comments!

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