Friday, July 1, 2011

Rebeca Writes for Mommy

Today I'll let 11 year old Rebeca share a recent writing assignment with you. She chose to write about her pet cat, and if you enjoy it, please be sure to leave a comment for her! [Mom decided to leave it in her actual typing, as is.]
The day I got Luna, July 6, 2009

My kitty Luuna has funny looks. Because of her odd coloring her name is Luna. She is white with a cape of dark gray on her back and head. Her tail is very strange because it is incredibly bushy, like a featherduster. She has a notched ear ,which she got from a male cat who tried to mate with her or something. Although she is very ugly, there is a good thing I like about her.the good thing I like about her is that she has soft spot on her left leg.

Luna holds her own bottle of milk
Now let me tell you about Luna's history. Her history is strange because she was born in Jacarandas ( which is in Mexico, Torreon). When she was born she was given away to a litte girl who treated her incorectly. When she belonged to that little girl her name was Princesa ( Princess). But when she was given back to that kind woman, her name changed to Bon-Bon (Marshmallow). One day I was holding her in my laps and I asked her,''How do you want to be comfortable?''And she lay back as if she understood me although I spoke in English to a Mexican kitty! Just then the woman offered me to take Bon-Bon home as my own kitty! At that I ran to the house, but we were visiting my grandmother. I begged my parents to take her home. Soon they said yes after me promising to take care of her. The next day we came back for her , and while we were inside we were thinking about her name. In the end about fifteen minutes before we left I said,''Hey why don't we name her Luna because of her colors?'' And we all agreed . So from then on her name stayed, Luna.

October 2010 Lovin' on my kitty
Luna in some ways is a trouble maker. The first time she gave me trouble was when she peed on me when she first saw Miss Daisy (who was my old cat). The second thing that she did was that she began to viciously fight Miss Daisy. Later she started tearing up the coaches. Although it sounds that bad for your cat to poop in your shower, that is not the worst thing. Because the worst thing that your cat can do in your house, and in other people's property, is for that little animal to make such a fuss whenever it gets in heat!


  1. I think I may like Luna better now after reading her story.

  2. "Speaking English to a Mexican kitty!" Hilarious! I LOVE it!! Great story; keep writing! :)

  3. If you are anything like I was at your age you love your kitty... My first kitty was "Frisky" and I still remember her fondly although I am now 45 years old and Frisky has been gone for 30 years. Keep writing! You will love to read your stories when you are grown and your future children will too!
    Coleen Anderson

  4. Very GOOD story!!!!! You have a gift for KITTY's and WRITING!!!!! I am proud for and of YOU!!! And when you become a famous writer, I'm going to tell every one, "I knew her when she was young and had a new kitty!!!" Keep on writing and loving your animals!! YOU are GREAT!!!