Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tree of Life Testimonies

March 29, 2011

As promised, I'll share a few good things the Lord allowed us to be a part of, or at least be witness to this week. One of Chuy's sisters shared a testimony with me that on the last Sunday of February she was touched by the Presence of God during corporate worship. She had been dispiritedly clapping and wishing she could feel more, be more expressive. Suddenly she felt Someone raise her hands and then she became lost in His Presence, feeling she and He were the only ones in the building.
In 1998 she was baptized in water, but admitted to me that many years had been lost while she strayed, and now she hopes to make up for lost time. In these weeks, she was able to encourage her boss who's husband is leaving her, and although she lost her job in the fray, has experienced God's provision and grace.

Another member had a worldy relationship with a girlfriend until a recent temporary break-up. Now he is re-defining the relationship, but seeking to do so on God's terms. He is now trying to determine how committed she is to the Lord to see if there is a possibility of making a future home together. 

One young woman had gone through several months of stress and irritability, but finally had a breakthrough, although the work situation really hadn't changed. She found a place of peace in the storm.

Another young lady and her cousin were both invited to a secular concert held at the same time as the youth meeting. She was having trouble resisting her friends although in her heart she didn't really want to go, as was her yearly custom. Finally, she was able to stand firm in her choice to attend the activity that would build her up. Her cousin asked his mother about the invitation, and she replied by asking him which choice would edify him. He quickly told his friends he wouldn't be going to the concert (an "excuse to smoke weed" is how his cousin described the event). To their surprise, Chuy's message that day was about our freedom in Christ and our responsibility to make choices that honor the Lord.

We are also very excited because this Saturday we will be having our first baptisms! The church is renting a small property with a small, rather shallow swimming pool, a playground, covered picnic area and kitchen. After the ceremony, we'll spend the rest of the six hours in fellowship and eating a meal together. I hope to share photos afterwards!

I can't begin to relate the joy it brings to us to witness our Lord's working in other people's lives. There is such a satisfaction in hearing how a sermon, a comment, a scripture shared penetrates a heart and speaks to a need within.  God is Good, all the time, and all the time, God is Good! Praise Him!

We thank every one of you who lifts our family up in prayer and who has contributed financially so that we can continue to stand in the gap and point souls Christ-ward.

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